Membership Application

How to use this form?

Fill out this form and click on "Become a member". Afterwards you will be presented with a PDF, which you have to sign and send to or bring it to one of our next events. Print it or save it to your local hardware, because we don't save a copy on our servers for data protection reasons!

Required information

What's difference between the different membership options?

All the options include to following benefits:

Becoming a regular member gives you these additional benefits:

  • Voting rights on general assemblys
  • Access to our internal mailinglist

You can read more on the membership here.

What are the membership fees?

The membership fee for the regular membership is 120€ per year. The membership fee for the supporting membership is 40€ per year. If you are a student, all membership fees are 40€ per year. For that please select the corresponding option.

I cannot afford the membership?

If you cannot afford the membership, please contact us via first, before filling out the membership form. We will try to find a solution together.

Why do you ask for the birthday?

This information helps us with a few different things:

  • We need to know if you are underage. If so your legal representatives needs to sign this membership application.
  • We ask the city of Luxembourg every year for a financial grant and they ask how many members we have over the age of 26 and how many under the age of 26.
Additional information (Optional)